When it comes to printer, the first thing that comes to your mind is HP.  Printers from HP are the most sought after due to the many integrated features and known to produce amazing and high-quality print works.  The advanced technology design and user-friendly interface make HP printers favorable for home and office use. While this aspect can be enticing, you have to consider the disadvantages as well. It’s no doubt that HP printers are dependable and excellent. However, they also come with their fair share of issues that is apparent in HP Printers. Below are the top 5 common issues with HP printers and how to address them.

The Never Ending Paper Chase

Nothing is poorer than making a great time your project just to hit the wall when its time to print. The main cause of a slow print time is a memory issue, the high resolution setting as well as the choice of drivers.  A high-resolution issue has more data for your computer as well as printer to process that can lead to slow print times. In case you are not searching for gallery superiority, choose draft, normal or standard mode for workplace documents. For formal pieces or presentations switch the setting back to high quality.  You can opt for the dual-sided mode or simplex mode. You will make use of more paper. However, a one-sided printing will take less time. 

Paper Jam

Frequent Paper Jams

There are many reasons why this issue occurs. And if you do not find the primary cause, you will likely get more. A foreign object inside your printer is the leading cause. Open your printer and check it to ensure there’s no debris or dust which can be causing paper jams. Sometimes this problem happens due to the overfilling of the paper tray and improper insertion of paper. To address this issue, you need to open the paper tray and ensure that the paper is not stuck. Taking the paper out and return, it can also address this issue. If you are using cardstock, it is highly suggested to manually feed in every paper to keep away from paper jams. 

Error 50.4 and Overheating

This is common in the latest model of HP printers, most fundamentally in LaserJet printers. This problem happens due to the power supply to your machine, and this can be addressed by disconnecting the machine from UPS. You have to connect it straightly to the outlet. HP printers are prone to overheat, and this is due to faulty driver or cables. To address this problem, switch off your printer and allow it to sit idle for 30 minutes or you can update the driver. If your printer over heats very frequently, contact HP Printer Support Phone Number and get your printer services properly by qualified technician.

Toner Problems

Once you notice that your hand gets tarnished or stained with the ink upon using the printer, it is a sign that your fuser has an issue. You can address this problem by replacing the fuser instantly as it’s not fine to use a fixed fuser as it may lead to the same issue once more. Ensure that you keep this thing in mind, so you are now aware of what to do in case you encounter this in the future. 

Common Issues with HP Printers and Their Quick Fixes
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